is a deflationary governance DEFI token which provides exceptional rewards to active users via Smart Contract protocols while seamlessly incorporating transactional lotto pool rewards with anti-dump mechanics. TRY token is designed to be sustainable, maximizing its value by being truly deflationary, and it encourages users to be active by offering exceptional rewards. Every reward TRY token distributes is never detrimental to the overall supply: this means that the growth of TRY token will never be hindered in any way.

Every protocol is built to be 100% trustless and requires no human interaction to keep running. This ensures that all of's protocols can run forever and never be shut down by the result of human intervention. This also means that as a token holder, you never have to place your trust in any human for any reason. The only thing you can trust in the crypto space is code: it never lies. Once deployed, it can never change the way it performs functions. The best projects in crypto are the ones that provide 100% trustless protocols and prove that fact with complete code transparency. This is exactly what offers. This is our core belief, and it’s the only way we will ever release protocols.'s team is currently a fully dedicated team of six and is always focused on growth. Centered around an exceptional core of developers, we have been coding solidity for years and have built countless protocols for many other projects. Each of us have been coding for hire since the start of our journeys in solidity, but, after years of writing amazing code for others, we have decided to focus on our own project. This means that has some of the best developers in the entire Ethereum blockchain, and our token holders will directly benefit from the project that we are now completely focused on.

If you believe you have skills that could help our team advance and are looking for a great opportunity, feel free to email us at We are 100% growth oriented and are always looking for more amazing team members!

The TRY token contract was audited by You can view the full audit here:

It is important to note that since this audit TRYfinance has updated the ownership of the TRY contract and removed the ability to blacklist addresses.
The ownership contract also limits the abilities of the owner on TRY contract that ensures maximum safety of all holders.
The TRY ownership contract can be viewed on etherscan at the following link:

All of protocols from initial launch were completed.

Since then, the team has been hard at work with helping build partnership defi protocols that will place in key positions to expand it's market depth.

We felt that the best way forward with expanding our projects growth capability was with helping grow defi all together and at the same time setting TRY in key positions to benefit growth wise.

TRY has not been focused on community building, it has been focused on growth. We realize that is a different approach in this market but we feel that it is the best path ideally for all our holders. If you are looking for a rocking chat room then go find one, but if you are looking for a good project then your already home.

We will continue to focus on growing our product when we are ready for the next steps in our roadmap we will update them here.

TRYfarm is a great way for liquidity providers to earn rewards by offering liquidity to our UNIswap trading pool.

To start generating TRY token rewards simply add liquidity to the TRY token trading pool on UNIswap, then farm your LP tokens on the TRYfarm page. To use TRYfarm simply approve the token, then click FARM and enter the amount of LP tokens you would like to farm. You will receive TRY token rewards that can be claimed at anytime.

There is no locks or fees for using TRYfarm protocol, feel free to start farming or stop farming at anytime.

TRYfarm protocol will be active for 12 months (300 TRY per month) after the start of farming and will be a great way to generate rewards on top of the trading fee's that liquidity providers also earn directly on UNIswap.
TRYstake is by far our most rewarding protocol.

To encourage all holders to be active users of TRYstake, we have built in the following staking rewards:
Stakers will receive 5% of all FEGex sell tax, as well as share of the deposit and withdrawal fee on the protocol itself. TRYstake's rewards are always generated from the current supply and "in no way" negatively impact the total supply. This ensures that by using TRYstake you are encouraging growth of TRY's value and helping generate exceptional sustainability.

To use TRYstake simply approve the token, then click stake and enter the amount you would like to stake. After your stake has been sent you will start earning rewards instantly. There is no locking periods when using TRYstake so feel free to enter or exit at anytime.

To use TRYstake via FEGex please visit and visit the staking tab.

TRYstake contract address is 0x387f5b781ab8ef524888f9f50e4c5d317c066ada
We have a revolutionary feature that directly rewards users for helping create an active and healthy ecosystem. 1% of each transfer is put into a reward pool and that reward pool is automatically rewarded to the sender of every 5th transaction .

200 TRY are sent over 5 transactions
2 TRY are placed into the reward pool
YOU perform the 5th transaction
YOU are automatically distributed 2 TRY from the award pool.
To make TRY token a truly deflationary model we installed a 1% transfer tax on all tokens which are directly sent to the burn address upon each token transfer, this ensures TRY token has a very fair yet effective deflationary model.


TRY token originates from the community and is a flexible community-driven project. TRY is the governance token of the community, and future community governance can only be achieved through TRY voting.

A recommended process for initiating a proposal:

1. Put a draft of the proposal in our Telegram group chats.
2. Do an off-chain survey after thorough discussion.
3. Publish the proposal on the governance forum and improve its content.
4. Create a governance contract and campaign for votes in the TRY community.

The voting period of each proposal is 3 days. If the quorum reaches 20% and the support rate reaches 66% at the end of the voting, the proposal is deemed as passed.

When a proposal is open for voting you can do so here: TBD

Q: What are the TRY tokenomics?

100,000 TRY - Total Supply

60,000 TRY - Presale (SOLD OUT)
29,700 TRY - Initial Liquidity
3,600 TRY - Farming Rewards
5,000 TRY - Marketing, Promotions and Community Engagement. (50% locked for distribution over 150 days)
1,700 TRY - Team Tokens (Locked inside TRYstake via governance vote)

Presale - 1 ETH = 200 TRY ($4.00*)
Presale Max Buy = 3 ETH ($2,400*) (Bots Blocked)
Initial Listing - 1 ETH = 165 TRY ($4.84*)
Presale Hardcap = 300 ETH ($240,000*)
60% ETH (180 ETH - $144,000*) provided towards liquidity.
35% ETH (105 ETH - $84,000*) provides future development, partnerships, marketing, community building, cex listing and expanding team.
5% ETH (15 ETH - $12,000*) presale referral rewards.
*based on ETH price of $800.00

Q: What are the TRY token metrics?

1% burn on each transaction
1% lotto pool reward on each transaction (Rewarded to msg.sender of every 5th transaction)
5% FEGex sell fee (Rewarded to TRYstake)

Q: Are there more TRY holders then show on etherscan?

Yes, all holders that are 100% in TRYstake will hot show up via etherscan. The TRY holder count is far greater then what etherscan shows, as etherscan only reads TRYstake as 1 holder.

Q: Is the liquidity locked?

Yes, the LP tokens that are vested are locked with, the LP tokens that are inside the TRY contract also are secured.

Q: Is your team "annon"?

We will address this topic bluntly: Yes, our team is what you call "annon" but its for the best of reasons and those reasons also ensure that they protect the project first and foremost. The only way to truly ensure that our project can never be stopped is to make sure that any agency that wanted to stop it has no one to force into making those actions. It is in the best interest of everyone involved in the project to have the protection of privacy, it ensures that both the team and the user can share the same harmonic balance without interuptions. There are countless factors that can have adverse effects on the project that come from having a public team and the only way to eliminate them is to ensure those effects can never happen in the first place. All of our protocols are 100% trustless so you can be confident using them while never having to trust any human, this is honestly the best aspect of decentralized finance.

Q: Is this a clone of other projects?

Absolutely not, our domain was registered far before any other projects that uses similar token functionality. We wanted to deliver the best possible token code and features, this resulted in our project going live later then we originally planned. But it resulted in delivering the best DEFI token with the most rewards that are offered by any other token on the market. You can view our token code and see that our ability far exceeds the capabilities of any clone project.

Here are also some facts you can check on your own by doing a whois search: - registered 10/13/2020 - registered 10/19/2020 - registered 12/01/2020 - registered 12/09/2020

Q: What is the FEGex sell tax?

The tax on selling TRY tokens on FEGex is 5%, this tax is directly sent to TRYstake and allocated for rewards of all TRYstake users on FEGex.

Q: Why use staking vs reflect for awards?

Reflecting token rewards is actually detrimental to the entire ecosystem, since it awards all holders, even if those holders are not active protocol users (Protocol users tend to be more long-term holders). Reflection of rewards also makes providing trading pool liquidity, less rewarding. Since the reward is restricted to liquidity providers, this makes holding the token more profitable over providing it to liquidity.

LP farming is the best way to help build bigger liquidity, having anything stunt this process is not in the best interest of tokens ability to grow. TRY token's design gives better rewards to liquidity providers and protocol users alike, which results in superior growth and sustainability.

Q: How does the team make money?

To start we will use the initial allocation from the presale to further our development and expand our team, this development will bring new products that will allow us to earn fees upon their use. We did not want to install any developer fees into the token, we wanted to make sure that it is in the teams best interest to develop further products which will allow future earnings. This will make sure that we are more engaged in the future growth of the project and provide a superior pattern of results for all TRY token holders.

Q: Is there a KYC process involved?

Absolutely not, we are building decentralized ecosystem. We fully respect everyones privacy in the cryptocurrency sector and will not ask you to pass KYC.

Q: What are the TRY token stats?

The TRY token Smart Contract address is: 0xc12eCeE46ed65D970EE5C899FCC7AE133AfF9b03
Max supply: 100,000 TRY
Blockchain: Ethereum
Token type: ERC20
Decimals: 18
To add TRY token to your Metamask simply paste the TRY token contract address when adding a custom token.

Q: How do I contact you for support?

You can visit our Telegram group at or email us directly at

Q: What are your social media and token tool links?


Q: Why BSC?

With Ethereum gas prices astronomical at times we wanted to deliver a way to help combat them with the ability to trade on the BSC blockchain. The transaction fees are very low when compared to the same transaction cost on ethereum, BSC transactions can be as low as 5 cents.

With BSC having such a low tx fee it allowed us to get more creative with our token metrics as well, we were able to code in a buying lotto reward pool that will reward every 5th buyer of over 5 TRY.

We wanted to provide all TRY holders the opportunity to build a 2nd ecosystem that can be used regardless of the congestion and costs that are sometimes suffered when using Ethereum's blockchian.

All TRY holders as of Jan 21st at 22:00 UTC got airdropped BEP20 version of TRY into their wallets that held TRY, we even airdropped your amount of staked TRY inside TRYstake (Not including claimable earned tokens)

Q: How do I interact with BSC contracts on

Simply change the network on your Metamask the site will then work with the BSC contract ABI there is no need for BSC specific tabs. You can view how to add BSC network to your metamask in the "Add to Metamask" tab below.

Q: Is the BSC ecosystem different then the ETH ecosystem?

Yes, since each blockchain has it's own ecosystem, both chains have their own life, this means that price on BSC may not always equal the same on ETH blockchain.

Q: What are the TRYb tokenomics?

100,000 TRY - Total Supply
60,000 TRY - Airdrop to all TRY(ERC20) holders 1 to 1 into the wallets that hold their ERC20 TRY. (Snapshot was done on Jan. 21st at 22:00 UTC)
30,000 TRY - Initial Liquidity
5,000 TRY - Marketing, Promotions and Community Engagement.
5,000 TRY - Team Tokens (Locked inside TRYstake)

Initial Listing Price - 1 TRYb = 0.001667 BNB
50 wBNB/30,000 TRY (Liquidity provided by team)

Q: What are the TRY token metrics?

1% burn on each transaction
1% lotto pool reward on each transaction (Rewarded to msg.sender of every 10th transaction)
5% Swap sell fee

Q: Is there still LP farming on BSC?

Not at the moment, our custom swap does not require any liquidity to be added to function. We may make farming for other tokens available in the future.

Q: Is there still TRYstake on BSC?

Yes and it works the exact same way except the sell fee reward is lowered to 4% the remaining 1% has been allocated for a new buy reward feature.

Q: What are the BSC contract addresses?

TRY token: 0xc12ecee46ed65d970ee5c899fcc7ae133aff9b03
TRY stake: 0x387f5b781ab8ef524888f9f50e4c5d317c066ada