Hunger for success

The best projects in crypto are the ones that provide 100% trustless protocols and prove that fact with complete code transparency. This is exactly what offers. This is not only our core belief, it’s the only way we will ever release decentralized finance protocols.


Our Approach To DeFi

We have a different approach then most other projects, we let our abilities help drive our projects success. We help expand the capabilities of other DeFi projects in turn placing TRY in positions that drive success. This directly benefits TRY holders via outstanding reward structures that are coded to run forever.

  • Security

    We are experts in security and help structure proper smartcontract codes to solidify the protection from exploits.

  • Solidity

    We have helped many projects within the decentralized finance space and are experts in solidity. If you would like us to help your project please contact us.

  • Survival

    Specializing in high end development we help build the best apps and protocols in the entire industry which ensure our survial.

A little bit about us

TRY has not been focused on community building, it has been focused on growth. We realize that is a different approach in this market but we feel that it is the best path forward for all TRY holders.

This does not mean we are against a strong community, we just feel that the best community is one that is formed naturally. We fully support the growth of our community so feel free to build it as big as you wish.

Our team does not spend much time in chat groups, you will hardly notice a presence, but you will see results! We like to focus on what we are good at: Working on advancing our project.

If you have questions or would like to know more information join our telegram chat, the community is full of helpful information.


TRY is focused on the success of FEGex as we have top position within their decentralized exchange, we encourage all of our holders to trade on FEGex.

Pairs available:


If you wish to trade on UNIswap you can with the link below.


5% of each sell transaction on FEGex is rewarded to TRY stakers directly in fBNB/fETH depending on which chain you are staking. Simply stake your TRY on FEGex and instantly begin earning some of decentralized finances best rewards.

ETH Contract

Ethereum Chain:
100,000 Total Supply
14,000 Burnt
31,000 Staked

BSC Contract

Binance Smart Chain:
100,000 Total Supply
17,900 Burnt
51,985 Staked


TRY has been audited by solidity finance, to view the audit click the button above. It is important to note that since this audit TRYfinance has updated the ownership of the TRY contract and removed the ability to blacklist addresses.

The ownership contract also limits the abilities of the owner on TRY contract that ensures maximum safety of all holders.

The TRY ownership contract can be viewed on etherscan at the following link:

All of protocols from initial launch were completed.

Since then, the team has been hard at work with helping build partnership defi protocols that will place in key positions to expand it's market depth.

We felt that the best way forward with expanding our projects growth capability was with helping grow defi all together and at the same time setting TRY in key positions to benefit growth wise.

We will continue to focus on growing our product when we are ready for the next steps in our roadmap we will update them here.


We have all the right check marks

We take blockchain and smartcontracts seriously and hope you do as well.

  • Audited and Approved
  • Trusted Developers
  • 10 Years Experience
  • Security Focused
  • Solidity Certified
  • Deflationary Model
  • Anti Dump Mechanics
  • Transaction Lottery
  • Rewarding Passively
  • 100% Decentralized